Hello, welcome to my website. If you’re a big Android fan as much as I am, then you’re in the right place. Here is where I place all things Unity-derived games, you will find it here. My latest projects have been augmented reality and virtual reality on Unity. Some examples are Haunted House AR and Star Wars Mock VR. Both titles will be made available on the Play Store really soon.

Augmented Reality

Haunted House AR

Turn your house into a haunted house with my Haunted House AR. Play against your friends in this multiplayer quest to survive the longest and get out with the most money. Solve mysteries and uncover secrets. Haunted House AR was a personal project that was created to demonstrate my skills using Unity3D, ArFoundation, C#, and other techniques. Click the button to find out more and happy treasure hunting!!!

Virtual Reality

Star Wars Mock VR

Hey Star Wars Fans, get ready to wield your lightsaber in this epic game. There has been a glitch that made all the robots gone crazy. Are you the hero who can save the galaxy and free all robots from this glitch? Your epic adventure awaits by clicking the button above. This VR game initially has been programmed and created per client’s request as a VR tutorial with links to the tutorial videos. Eventually a mini level has been added to realize the game’s full potential.