Haunted House AR

Welcome to my latest Android game called Haunted House AR. Be prepared to battle ghouls, ghosts, bats, and other creatures of the night at the same time collecting treasure. The diamonds you collect along the way hold a special meaning in this game as they are not used as currency. Different colored diamonds when placed on an altar throughout the levels will reveal more surprises. Down below is a sample video of one of the rooms spawned as well as one of the many ghouls that you need to battle.

A preview of Haunted House AR

This is a screenshot of the Main Hall scene with the camera pointing to the back of the room facing three knights (hollow) statues. The red and blue knights are the results of using standard surface shaders. The knight in the middle is the original model for comparison and not used in this level. When possessed by ghosts, they come alive.

This is a screenshot of the Main Hall, but the camera is back near the entering gate. This picture depicts how I’ve used lighting and shadows to set the mood of the game area. The big colored diamonds on the doors light up when the corresponding colored diamonds are placed before the two altars shown in the center. When two diamonds are lighted up, it then opens the door for a surprise.