Haunted House AR Privacy Policy

At Triton Games, we hope you enjoy playing Haunted House AR and many others in the future. We pride ourselves on bringing great quality entertainment without the fear. Haunted House AR is suitable for children 10 years of age and up as it involves minimal violence and more luck-based game and puzzles. Haunted House AR does collect information about a person’s name only for scoreboard purposes to rank in a leaderboard. The game is multiplayer and online, but real names are not used only alias (or nicknames). No other personal information is asked or required except for in-app products purchased. While using the game, the camera on the device only uses and calculates the amount of intensity of light in the room. This is intentionally done because some characters (enemies) or treasures appear when different amounts of light are received. For example, with the lights dimmed and scanning on a tabletop may spawn a skeleton. Whereas, during lighter conditions, the table top may spawn a treasure chest. No pictures are taken of your home, work, or other playing environments. We like to thank you for playing with Triton Games and continue to win your support. Have a wonderful day!!!